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Jimmy Swaggart şi talibanismul anticalvinist

La doar 5 ani după acest atac furibund împotriva doctrinelor harului, în 1988, Swaggart este constrâns să mărturisească faptul că a avut relaţii cu o prostituată.

Iată ce scria John MacArthur la scurt timp după acest scandal:

What we learn from the fall of Jimmy Swaggart is the danger of a shallow theology… the danger of a shallow theology in an emotional religion.  Young people, true doctrine is the foundation of all proper behavior.  True doctrine is the foundation of all proper behavior.  That’s why in the epistle to the Romans you have eleven chapters of doctrine, eleven chapters of theology and then you have in chapter 12, “Therefore present your bodies a living sacrifice.”  But you can’t even begin to get on with the presentation of your body and godly living until the foundation of doctrine is laid.  Somebody asked me months ago when the PTL scandal hit, what I thought was the worst part of that scandal.  And my reply was, it was a terrible thing which they did with their bodies, engaging in sexual immorality, but that wasn’t the major scandal.  It was a terrible thing what they did with money, taking the money that people sent them and wasting it on their own riotous living and the things that entertained them.  That was a scandal.  But far beyond what they did with their bodies and far beyond what they did with their money, the scandal of all scandals is what they did with this book because they developed a theology that let them live that way.  That’s the scandal.  And, young people, don’t ever minimize the position and the place of strong doctrine, it’s what holds everything together.  And without it everything is whimsical and emotional and you are led by whatever it is that you feel is right. You look at emotional religion, you look at Charismatic theology, it’s all emotion.  Substance isn’t there.  They’re concerned with tongues and miracles and healings.  And that’s enough for them.  And I’ve watched, for example, people who are defrocked out of evangelicalism slide over into the Charismatic Movement and become instantly high profile.  And they’re fully accepted because the issue is not doctrine or character.  If you’ve had the experience, you’re one of them.  That’s how shallow it is.  Wrongly dividing the Word of God does not lay a foundation for rightly doing the work of God.  Did you get that?  Wrongly dividing the Word of God does not lay a foundation for rightly doing the work of God.  You never rise above your foundation.

Episodul se repetă în 1991. Replica lui Jimmy Swaggart este, de această dată, următoarea: „The Lord told me it’s flat none of your business.” Există oare vreo legătură între războiul anticalvinist dus de acest „mare” teleevanghelist contemporan şi stilul său de viaţă?


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